Last updated on February 17, 2020

Restaurant Name

Restaurant names are how our users search us for ordering food and identify us.

For this to be easy experience, restaurant listings must be as user-friendly as possible. Find below few guidelines that must be followed for restaurant listings on Cookmepal:

  • Restaurant names need to be written as they appear on the board outside the restaurant.

  • Must not include taglines and establishment types in the name of the restaurant. People usually remember restaurants by name rather than by tagline, which makes it easier for them to search for. However, if a restaurant name has been legally registered with the tagline, we will accept it.

  • Do not use restaurant abbreviations in the restaurant name. For instance, if your restaurant’s name is ‘Aashish Restaurant’, we can’t add it as ‘AR’. This may affect the search results when a user searches for the restaurant. If you need to add an abbreviation or an alias, we can add them separately. Write to us at if you’d like us to add anything to make it searchable.

Restaurant Address

The address of a restaurant is major factor in guiding customers to the restaurant. For this to be easy to do, restaurant listings must be as user-friendly as possible.

Below are a few guidelines that must be followed for restaurant listings:

  • The address needs to be in a standardized format for consistency and ease of understanding for users. The order we follow to display the available information is: [Shop/ Plot Number], [Opposite/Beside Landmark], [Road Number/Name], [Neighborhood], [City]

  • We try not to add more than one landmark, and don’t use abbreviations such as St. (for Street), No. (for Number), or Opp. (for Opposite) to maintain quality and consistency.

  • We don’t add other restaurant names as landmarks since it affects results when searching for either restaurant.

  • We add the floor number along with name of the building if the restaurant is situated on a level above the ground floor, as users may have difficulty locating it.

Restaurant Features

Below are a few guidelines that must be followed for restaurant listings:

  • Select dish type for veg or non-veg and we will represent it via specific icon

  • Select opening and closing hours to make ordering convenient for customers

  • Add proper locatioon and we'll display it on google map

  • We provide option to mention skills such as Baking, Food Preparing

  • We give you option to add your cuisines.

  • We give you option to add mealtype such as "Breakfast", "Lunch", "Dinner"

  • Custimize items by adding material used to make them

  • You can add offers and promos to attract more customers

Business Hours

Customers can filter restaurants based on a restaurant’s opening hours by looking at the tags on restaurant details page such as “Open” or "CLose". Some of the guidelines we have around timings are:

  • We use a 24-hour clock when we add timings to a listing. This is displayed on the restaurant detail page in a 24-hour clock format. For instance, if your restaurant is open from 9 am to 6 pm, we add it as 09:00 to 18:00 to the listing for it to display correctly

  • We always add the timing for the online delivery hours. We have provided option to add custom hours based on weekdays and weekends

  • Our timing accepts only numeric values, so it is mandatory to add numeric values as times to be entered. As a result, we can’t add text such as ‘Four'o clock’ or ‘Opening Soon’

  • Our autamatic backend system will forbid ordering except working hours


Show your restaurant's ambiance, features, services and food by uploading photos as to give idea of your customers as to what they can expact.

Some pointers to remember while uploading photos for the restaurant are:

  • We only put up profile and item's photos that showcase the restaurant's ambiance or food. This is because users looking through the images would want to know the factors that could affect their experience at the restaurant.

  • We do not put up images with people in them.

  • We do not put up ambiance/food shots that are stock images, or taken from Google Images/other websites, as that would be copyright infringement.

  • Even if stock photos have been legally purchased by the restaurant, they are not uploaded as they do not depict the true nature of the food and service provided by the restaurant. This is misleading for diners.

  • We currently only support .JPEG and .PNG file formats for photo uploads.

  • A single frame can only contain a single photo. We try not to upload photo collages as they don’t always show a clear picture of what’s at the restaurant.

  • We do not use images where logos and social media handles take up a significant portion of the image. We’re a neutral platform, and we don’t want to look like we’re promoting any restaurants.


Customers mostly are reliable on the menus the restaurant provides.

This is one of the primary deciding factors in a customer's decision on which restaurant to order from. We maintain some important criteria for menus:

  • Use proper naming conventions for items as per your menu

  • The photo needs to be visually appealing

  • Mention stock if any to make user experience healthier

  • We give option to mention number of persons per dish

  • We provide you option to provide offer on perticular dish/dishes

  • We provide you option to select dish is "Veg" or "Non-veg"

  • We provide option to mention ingredients to dish

  • We provide option to add allergens, mealtypes

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