Cookmepal Instructions

Cookmepal is the website with a sole objective of empowering small restaurant businesses, local food outlets and other businesses with a tool that enables them to reach customers for food ordering experience. Developed by allianz cloud, this website helps you combat the terror of e-commerce giants that are becoming more & more gigantic. With the help of this site, the restaurant owners can market their menu online and also manage everything, from buying process to tracking payments.

Absolutely! This site is for all those restaurants that have a compelling menu, but are lagging behind simply because they have no online presence. Cookmepal gives you your dose of local SEO by empowering you, and helping you reach customers. You can put your banners and food items at your whim with dozens of options.

Since it provides a responsive platform, Yes it is completely mobile friendly.

No ! Add as many menu items as you want, except you can order only from single restaurant at one time.

We support Cash on Delivery and Paytm.

Currently, Cookmepal is servicing its customers in Vadodara, Gujarat areas. Soon, you will see us expand our service coverage over other cities in INDIA and ABROAD, as well.

You can place an order with Dial-a-Meal™, in any one of the following modes:

1. Online - just login to Cookmepal and place your order and have the option of paying online (vide a secured Online Payment mode OR using cash on delivery Account mode)

2. Use our mobile application - DOWNLOAD now on an Android or iPhone.

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